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A Place To Stand chords - Patty Griffin

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                Capo on the first fret

Intro (4X):


Here on the inside, looking at the outside

Losing my memory faster than my pride

G                Cadd9      G          Dsus2
Here I am, baby, blind as a bat out of hell

Cut me loose of that ball and chain

Packed up a glad-bag, hopped on a train

       G                Cadd9        G     Dsus2
To the land of the lonely, as far as I can tell

       A                      G
I was laughing like a fool on fire

A                      G
Candle burning into my hand

A                        G
Sitting like a bird on a wire

I had to find me a place to stand

Word is to say(?), got his poison pens
And his children in armor, frustrated men
And women who don't know why they were sent at all
You might think that we'd had our fill
And we'd stand up and fight if we just had the will
If we just a little more time and love or something
Oh, we're all laughing like fools on fire
Standing burning into our hand
Sitting like birds on a wire
I got to find me a place to stand

Cadd9   G/B          G       D
Foolish hearts don't have no rest

         Cadd9       G/B              G      D
From the moment your head leaves your mama's chest

         Cadd9      G/B      G             D
From the moment you hold the child in your hands

         Cadd9                        G/B                A
From the moment you think that you'll find your place to stand

Little bit older, years go by
Squeezing that stone, but my well's still dry
Here I am, here I am
Oh, I'm laughing like a fool on fire
Candle burning into my hand
Sitting like a bird on a wire
I had to find me a place to stand

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