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I Love This Town chords - Nanci Griffith

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Nanci Griffith Sheet music
Words & Music by Clive Gregson
Recorded By Nanci Griffith (with Jimmy Buffett)

Capo 4th Fret

INTRO: D  Bm  G  A (x3)  D  G  D  A

   D         Bm            G     A
 I love this town, like an unmade bed
   D         Bm           G      A
 I love this town, of the living dead
   D         Bm          G       A
 I love this town, gonna paint it red
 D        G       D A
 If I can spare a minute

I love this town - where the curtains twitch
Where this door scratches - next door's itch
It's a pantomime - at fever pitch
And we can all be in it

 C     Em        F        G
 People here are large as life
      C        Em          F       G
 They know the whole world and his wife
        Am     Em        F       C
 From a razor's edge to a kitchen knife
 Dm                 E
 They'll be glad to help you

KEY CHANGE back to D:
I love this town - of hidden charms
Where no one means - you any harm
And if you sleep - through false alarms
No one here would blame you

I love this town - on the beaten track
Where nothing slips - between the cracks
Where rent's arrears - his heart attack
Now isn't that a shame, ooh!

  SOLO:  G Em C D (x3)  G C G D

KEY CHANGE back to C:
Everyone's friendly to your face
And everybody knows their place
As long as you respect their space 
You won't have to worry. 

    A         G        G/F#    F
The town hall clock is calling out
     A         G      G/F#   F 
It's rush hour on the roundabout
    A     G        G/F#  F 
And now I know without a doubt
F#m               Bsus4-B
It's the place for me


  E         C#m       A     B
I love this town, the dirty streets
       E        C#m         A      B   
It's a merry-go-round… with broken seats
      E        C#m       A     B   
Where silk and lace… and satin sheets
E        A     E   B   
Are only dirty washing

I love this town - down on its knees
It's going under - by degrees
Still we can do - just as we please
As long as no one's watching.


  F#       D#m      B        C#
I love this town, I love this town
  F#       D#m      B       C#  
I love this town, I love this town
  F#       D#m      B        C#     F#  B  F#  C#
I love this town, I love this town

  F#   B   F# C#
I love this town
  F#   B   F# C#
I love this town
  D    E    F#
I love this town.

Nanci Griffith ChordsNanci Griffith Lyrics

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