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This Far Gone chords - Jennifer Hanson

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                Capo 1

Dsus4 = xx0233
D6 = xx0202

Intro - A - F#m - Bm - E - Bm - A - D - E

(verse 1)

            A                      Em7
I've been driving and I've been thinking,
         D               A
For at least a hundred miles,
       A                 B                 Dsus4/D/D6/E
And I'm seeing a lot of things I never saw before,
         A              Em7             D             B
For the first time leaving you doesn't feel quite so wrong,
       A      F#m          D   E          A - D - A - E
But then again I've never been this far gone,

(verse 2)
          A               Em7
Well I was running flat on empty,
           D                   A
Running scared for quite some time,
  A                       B        Dsus4/D/D6/E
So afraid of what I might do if I stopped ,oh yeah,
     A                  Em7
But I did and I can't believe,
      D                                B
I'm back on the highway and not on the phone,
       A      F#m          D   E          A - D - A
But then again I've never been this far gone

       Em7              A                D
All the other times my heart turned me around,
But this time I'm not going back,
     D                   E / Esus
I'm way past that point now,

          A           Em7      A          D             B
You know I never really thought, I could make it on my own,
       A      F#m          D   E          F#m - A - D - Dm
But then again I've never been this far gone,
       A      F#m          D   E            D - A - C - D - A
Oh then again I've never been this far gone

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