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Something To Smile About chords - Harris & Ryden

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                Artist: Harris & Ryden

Capo 4
Intro-D, Cadd9, G, D, Cadd9, D, Cadd9, G, Em, D, Cadd9, Em, D, G

Verse 1
Hey there my baby
      Cadd9      G
Its a cold cruel world
It looks like were gonna go down
Threw payment and pavement 
     Cadd9       G
Were lost in the world
        Em            D     G
And I'm tired of this dirty old town

Chorus 1
D             Em           Cadd9         G
Why don't you find me some good jeans to wear?
      Cadd9       G            D
We'll meet by the old down and out
Don't worry there baby,
Cadd9           G             Em
Just close your eyes and find something
   D     G
To smile about.

Verse 2
Dance with me darling
'neath the lights in the trees
And I'll hold you forever I will
Forget dollars and cents
Make love to me 
'til the night grows magically still

Chorus 2
Why don't I find you a sundress to wear?
We'll walk on the beach and lay out
Don't worry there baby
Just close your eyes and find something 
To smile about.

Break- G, Cadd9, G, Cadd9, G, Cadd9, G, Em, D, Cadd9, Em, D, G

Verse 3
Walk with me lover
On down in the lake
Run with me now and again
Ride with me crazy
This horse with no name
Cast all of our fame to the wind

Chorus 3
Wild on a dream we grew rich overnight
Honey let's pack and move out
Don't worry there darlin
Just close your eyes and find something 
   D     Cadd9
To smile about.
           Em           D     G
We'll find something to smile about.
Outro- G, Cadd9, G, Em, D, Cadd9, Em, D, G

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