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Queen Of Hillbilly Heaven chords - Freddie Hart

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Freddie Hart Sheet music

Recorded by Freddie Hart
Words and music by Freddie Hart

CAPO: 1st Fret/KEY: G#/PLAY: G
[G] Queen of Hillbilly [C] Heaven
[D7] Sing it [C] pretty, Patsy [G] Cline.
[G] To hear Patsy sing was to [C] love her
[D7] 'Cause every word came straight from the [G] heart
And she treated everyone just like a [C] neighbor
In [D7] everybody's life she played a [G] part
She sacrificed a lot to sing in [C] heaven
A [D7] husband, two little children, left be-[G] hind
And we know that they miss you, just [C] awful
[D7] 'Cause, heaven knows we [C] do, Patsy [G] Cline.

[G] Queen of Hillbilly [C] Heaven
[D7] And she was your friend and [G] mine
[G] Queen of Hillbilly [C] Heaven
[D7] Sing it [C] pretty, Patsy [G] Cline.

There's a lost of pretty girls in country music
And everyone of them, they sing so fine
But one stands out all by her lonesome
'Cause no one can sing like Patsy Cline
Ask anyone who lives out in the country
Or the big city folks that you meet
"Who sang that pretty song, I FALL TO PIECES?"
I'll bet everyone of them will proudly speak.


TAG: We miss you darlin', sing it pretty, Patsy Cline.

Freddie Hart ChordsFreddie Hart Lyrics

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