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I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight chords - Adam Harvey

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Adam Harvey Sheet music
Capo 3
             G             D 
Well I could live my whole life 
 Em        Bm 
Without a phone call 
     C            G      D 
The likes of what I got today 
        G       D 
It was only my wife 
      Em            Bm 
Said hello then goodbye 
      C             D     G   G-C-D   
Then told me she's going away 
     G         D 
Well I didn't cry 
       Em          Bm 
It was all cut and dry 
   C             G    D 
I hung up before I realised 
   G             D 
I turned up my stereo 
  Em            Bm 
Walked to the window 
  C             D             G   G-C-D  
Stared at the storm clouds outside 
Chorus 1 
       G         D             Em    G 
I play classical music when it rains 
       C            G       D 
I play country when I am in pain 
   C             G 
I won't play beethoven 
     Bm             Em   C 
The moods just not right 
  G              D          G     D Em Bm C  D G D  
I feel like Hank Williams tonight 
        G       D 
There's no explanation 
Em         Bm 
Not even a reason 
   C           G                D 
No talk of the good times we've had 
       G         D 
Was it me was it her 
   Em            Bm 
I don't know for sure   
      C             D        G  G-C-D  
And thats why I'm feeling so bad 
Chorus 2 
G                 D           Em    G 
Yeah I play jazz when I am confused 
        C        G         D 
I play country whenever I lose 
    C          G    
But birds saxophone 
     Bm         Em     C 
Just don't seem right 
  G              D          G      
I feel like Hank Williams tonight 
D Em Bm C  G  D G-C-D 
G D  Em Bm C  D G 
G                D 
Latley I've been thinking 
       Em         Bm 
I just might quit drinking 
      C          G      D 
Now I don't know all I know 
       G           D 
I just might stay home 
     Em        Bm 
Get drunk all alone 
 C           D            G   G-C-D  
Punch a few holes in the wall 
Chorus 3 
G                    D             Em 
When I'm real high I play rock 'n' roll 
        C        G             D 
I play country when I'm losing control 
    C               G     
I don't play chuck berry 
         Bm           Em    C 
Quite as often as I'd like 
  G              D          G     D Em Bm C 
I feel like Hank Williams tonight 
                 G          G    
I feel like Hank Williams tonight 

Adam Harvey ChordsAdam Harvey Lyrics

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