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Old Clay County chords - Levon Helm

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                Thanks to BuffDixie for doing this one already. I'm posting it again because its currently 
under White Mansions when the artists are actually Levon Helm & Charlie Daniels. This is from 
the Legend of Jesse James cd.

A  D  A   X 2
A  D  A D  E
Hi my name is Coleman Young, and this is the story of how the terrible James-Young gang got 
started. Ya know when Jessie told Frank and me that we oughta go rob a bank, we said Jessie 
ain't nobody every robbed no bank, Jessie looked at me and said well hell Cole carts didn't 
even have wheels till somebody thought of it I said ya, you right.

A  	    	    	              D  	    	   A
We lost the war a year ago and the times been mighty bad.
The food is short and the stocks are low and the people are down right sad.
A  	    	    	    	    	       D  	    	   A
A young man's hopes are dashed to hell and it's hard to earn a dime
  	   	    	    	    E  	    	    A        A  D  A  (X 2)
Between kickin your heels and plowin your fields and prayin for a better time.

A  	    	    	            D   	    	        A
Well Jessie said in his quite way, boys I got us a plan.
I've been thinkin it out for many a days I'll explain the best I can.
A  	    	    	           D  	    	        A
How'd yall like to rob a bank its for the north of gold
  	               E  	    	               A       A  D  A  (X 2)
We can make the hit and live a little bit instead of just growin old.
             D  	    	    	     A
Well its down I Old Clay County in a town called Liberty.
           D  	    	    	    	  A
Theys nine men on the outside and walkin around just free
D  	    	            A
Cole you take the teller, Frank you fill the wheat sack
They'll open that vault when they see my colt
                       E      	           A          A  D  A (X2)
We'll take the bonds and the sweet green backs.  

A DA   A E  A D A A E A     A  D  E

A  	    	    	                          D   	    	              A
The frost lay heavy on the ground and the people bit us good day
  	    	  `  	    	           E
No sooner were we in that town we were done and rode away.
A  	    	    	    	    D  	    	    	  A
All went well except one thing and it drove me and Frank just mad
  	    	               E  	    	  A    A  D  A (X2)
Clemans shot a man that got to close but ol Clemans just plain bad.

D  	    	    	    	         A
Well see it was just plain easy cause we got a will to win.
D  	    	    	    	      A
We all got damn good alibis cause we all got loyal kin
D  	    	             A
75 thousand dollars well hell lets go get us some more.
  	     	    	     E                   A          A  D  A  (X 2)
Cause robbin these banks beats fightin these Yanks and evens up the score.

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