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Bristle Cone Pine chords - Hobo Jim

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                Bristle Cone Pine
By Michael Johnson

When you hear the walk up when on the Am he is doing a small bass run

E-0-3--- Use your pinky on the “3” note

Capo 3

Fmaj – XX3210

Intro:  Am  Em  Am  Em  Am  Em  Am  Fmaj  

    Am                         G          Am 
Way up in the mountains on the high timberline 
          G           Dm              G            Am
there's a twisted old tree called the bristle cone pine 
    F               Am         G            Am     
the wind there it's bitter and cut's like a knife
    G               Dm     G           Am    Em  Am  Fmaj
And keeps that tree holdin on for dear life

Hold on it does stand in it's ground 
Standing as empires rise and fall down
When Jesus was gathering lambs to his fold 
The tree was already a thousand years old

Chorus 1:
        F          C                G         C        
Now the way I have lived there aint no way to tell 
     F            C        G
when I die if I’m goin’ to heaven or hell
        F           C          G             Am 
so when I'm laid to rest it'll suite me just fine 
   Fmaj                     G            Am
to sleep at the feet of the Bristle Cone Pine

As I would slowly return to this earth 
What little this body of mine might be worth
It'd soon start to nourish the roots of that tree
It would partake of the essence of me

Who knows but that as the century's turn
A small spark of me might continue to burn
Long as the sun did continue to shine
Down on the limbs of the Bristle Cone Pine

Chorus 2:
By the way I have lived there aint no way to tell
When I die if I'm goin to heaven or hell
But I'd just soon serve out eternity’s time 
Asleep at the feet of the Bristle Cone Pine

Chorus 2

Asleep at the feet of the Bristle Cone Pine

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