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Raining In My Heart chords - Buddy Holly

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(BMI Work #001226895)
Written by Boudleaux Bryant and Felice Bryant
Published by House of Bryant Publications
Recorded by Buddy Holly (1959)

Instrumental Intro (Orchestral!)
     	C / / / C+ / / / Am / / / C7 / G G7

         C               C+
     The sun is out, the sky is blue,
	             Am             C7
     	There's not a cloud to spoil the view,
	              F              G             C      C+ Am G7
     	But it's raining,       Raining in my heart!

     The weatherman   says clear today
     	He doesn't know   you've gone away
     	And it's raining,       raining in my heart!

     	F       G             C  C+ Am  C7
     	Oh, misery,      Misery
     	Dm                    G          G7   C+ Am  G7
     	What's        gonna become    of me?

     	I tell my blues   they mustn't show,
     	But soon the tears   are bound to flow
     	'Cause it's raining,       raining in my heart!

Instrumental:  (do twice)
     	C / / / C+ / / / Am / / / C7 / / /
     	     F              G             C        C+ Am G7
     	It's raining,       Raining in my heart!

Repeat Bridge

     	G             C        C+ G7
     	Raining in my heart!
     	G             C        F  C
     	Raining in my heart!

| Muchos Kudos to the staff and management of the COWPIE Newsletter!|
| This is my first hack at this. I found the "Complete Buddy Holly" |
| 2-disk CD [UNI/MCA 7674 80000 4]. I put it in C for my own use,   |
| you might need to Capo/Transpose! Anyway, if anyone has a better  |
| one of it PLEASE post it!! Keep on Pickin' --Bob   |

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  1. Holly Buddy - Raining In My Heart Chords

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