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The Hunger chords - Steve Holy

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Note: E is played before singing the lyrics.

     THE HUNGER   Steve Holy

G#m             B          E                   B 
She hates being on her own   But she does her best
G#m                      B      E                       B
Empty nights create the hunger    for love and tender-ness
C#m                 G#m        B                     F# 
She spends so much time alone She says it makes her wonder
C#m             G#m                 G  
If she'll ever find someone who'll make her feel alive
F#            B
Satisfy the hunger
G#m                B           E                      B   
He always reads a lot at night    But he gets tire of it
G#m                          B     E                     B
An empty house deepens his desire    for true companion-ship
C#m               G#m               B                 F#
When he sees him-self in the mirror He don't look no younger
C#m                G#m               G
He just keeps on fighting the fear that he'll go through life
F#                B 
Not satisfy the hunger

F#       G#m       E               B 
Oh the hunger The need for loving arms
F#      G#m      G              F#              B   
Oh the hunger Longing for con-tentment of the heart

Go to Lead

G#m               B        E                    B
She picks up a second job    at the all night diner
G#m       B            E                  B 
Anything she could do to fill the empty hours
C#m                       G#m    B                 F# 
And then by chance her destiny stares across the counter
C#m                  G#m              G
Lives are change by what they see in each other's eyes
 F#                  B 
They recognize the hunger

Go to chorus

Yeah the hunger


Steve Holy ChordsSteve Holy Lyrics

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