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Tokyo Tan chords - Honeybrowne

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                Tokyo Tan
by: Honeybrowne

Tune 1/2 step down

Tokyo tan go if you can 

            C   A9   Am
And if you go home alone

Say your with the band

Day turns to night

You got to pay for you bride

C          A9   Am
Don't go home alone

Feeling alright

D              Cadd9
I'm not going blind (not going blind)

D                 Cadd9           G
I'm not going to play with mine tonight

Asian girl lets give it a whirl

     C        A9    Am
but don't go home alone

my sweet Asian girl

D            Cadd9
I'm feeling high (felling high)

D            Cadd9       G
I'm feeling oh so fine tonight

Tokyo tan go if you can 

            C   A9  Am
and if you go home alone

You gotta use your hand

D               Cadd9
I'm not going blind (not going blind)

D                 Cadd9          G
I'm not going to play with mine tonight 

Chord notation

   A9        Cadd9
e---0--- 	  	 e---3---
B---1--- 	 B---3---
G---0--- 	 G---0---
D---0--- 	 D---2---
A---2--- 	 A---3---
E---X--- 	 E---X---


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Buy Honeybrowne CD

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