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That's Why They Call It Cheating chords - Jake Mathews

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                That's Why They Call It Cheating 
Recorded by Jake Mathews

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(D)(F#m)|(G)(A)|(D)(F#m)|(G)(A) ---

I get (D)off (F#m)work at (G) four (A) then I go (D)home(F#m) (G) (A)
Watch the (D)news and (F#m)eat my (G) dinner (A) all a-(D)lone (F#m) (G) (A)
It's (Bm)hard to (A)start all (G)over (F#m) so un-(Em)prepared (A)
I guess that's (D)why they (F#m)call it (G)cheating (A) 'cause it ain't (D) fair (F#m) (G) (A)

I (D)guess that (F#m)I should (G)probably (A) go to (D)bed (F#m) (G) (A)
But I 'll (D) just sleep (F#m)on the (G)ol' (A) couch (D) instead (F#m) (G) (A)
'Cause that (Bm)bedroom's (A) full of (G)memories (F#m) that we (Em) shared (A)
I guess that's (D)why they (F#m)call it (G) cheating (A) 'cause it ain't (D) fair (F#m) (G) (A)

She (G)said as she was leavin' there's never one good reason for (F#m)a lie
And (G)as I stood there pleading the one I love the most told me goodbye (A)
She said that's (D)why they (F#m)call it (G)cheating (A) 'cause it ain't (D) fair (F#m) (G) (A)

Guess that's (D)why they (F#m)call it (G) cheatin' (A) 'cause it ain't (D) fair (F#m) (G) (A)
That's (D)why they (F#m)call it (G)cheating (A) 'cause it ain't (D)fair -----

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