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Shiver chords - Jamie O'Neal

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                Note: OPEN means to strum the strings of the guitar
with no chord.  Try to play just the 4 strings in 
the middle.  Listen to recording.

                         SHIVER  Jamie O'Neal

Bb                                                  Ab
Don't know how you do it    Like there's nothing to it   You just look my way
Bb                                         Ab
You come a little closer I lose my compos-er    Don't know what to say
     OPEN                                  Cm              Bb
I'm overwhelmed you smile I melt And some-where inside Oh baby I

Eb                  Ab           Cm  
Shiver, tremble, I never   No I never once felt so much
     Eb                   Ab    Cm 
It *shakes me how you take me   Deeper than I've ever been
It's to the core under my skin
      Bb  Cm        Bb    Eb 
1.) I shi-ver   2.) shi-i-ver, lead, "oh oh oh" repeat chorus at * using 3.)
3.) to key change and ending

Bb                                        Ab 
I love the way you whisper Slowly softly lingers in my ear
Bb                                                     Ab
You move a little lower The world starts spinning slow-er  Then it disppears
     OPEN                               Cm                Bb 
Your lips so close we kiss almost Just barely touch, but that's enough 

to make me   to chorus using 2.)  

    F                 Bb          Dm 
I shiver, tremble, I never No I never once felt so much
     F                    Bb   Dm                
It shakes me how you take me Deeper than I've ever been
It's to the cord under my skin
   F  Dm             Bb  F
I shi-ver  oh oh oh shi-ver  (shiver)


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