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Watching Her Sleep chords - Jamie Warren

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                Jamie Warren - Watching her Sleep
Fallen Angel (1996)

I don't understand all he says..please..if there's any Jamie fans
out there with the lyrics, update me :)
Lot's of bass-runs in this song, it should sound ok without
playing them too though. If you think it don't, let me know.
Corrections are very welcome.

Capo 2

   G   D  C  G    D  C  G

 (G)    D/F#    Em
Shut my key to the door
 C      C/B       Am      Am7/G
Another day like the one before
 D      D/C     G/B      C
Took a beating upon my soul
G           D        G   D - C - G
To bring me back to her

Climb the stairs up to the hall
I do my best not to fall
One to many...
To bring me back to her

As I look into the room
Shead some tears with the man in the moon
And I pray she doesn't wake to soon
And bring me back to her

      G  G/A G/B  C             D
And watching her sleep dries my eyes
             G          G/B         C
Touching her cheek, it clears my mind
 C/B         Am               D
Knowing she dreams eases my pain
                 G            D/F#     Em
Enthrusting my love brings me home again
                  C                         D
If she could only see the love she gives to me
Watching her sleep

How does a man make a living today
Two few jobs and bills to pay
When my pride's about all an act
Bring me back to her

To many times unspoken words
Leave us trapped in different worlds
And I'd die without her love
Bring me back to her


Chords                      No Capo
G     - 320003              A     - x02220
D     - xx0232 (or x54010)  E     - 022100 (or xx2100)
C     - x32010              D     - xx0232
D/F#  - 2x0232              E/G#  - 422100
Em    - 022000              F#m   - 244222
C/B   - x22010              D/C#  - x4x232
Am    - x02210              Bm    - x24432
Am7/G - 3x2010              Bm7/A - x04232
D/C   - x3x232              E/D   - xx0100
G/B   - x20033              A/C#  - x42220
G/A   - x0003x              A/B   - x2x22x 

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  1. Jamie Warren - Watching Her Sleep Chords

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