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Little Too Rough chords - Jamie Wilson

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                Jamie Wilson-Little Too Rough
Album-Dirty Blonde Hair

D                                     A                                  
I hang a curtain in the window so you can't see me
E                            A
Light a candle for the night before
D                                 A                                                                                
I reminisce  about the time in the painted white room
Shook me right down to the core
D                                A                                             
How many times I gotta tell you I don't need you
E                             A
How many times I gotta say it again
D                             A                                                          
But I keep on hanging on your every move
E                       F#m      E                        A
Waiting for the roof to cave in, waiting for the roof to cave in

D            A             E                 A
You've been fooling living just a little too rough
D         A        E               A
I've been reaching can't get close enough

I got to tell you sometimes I think you wanna get caught
But you keep on running away
And I know I put you in a pretty tight spot
When I tell you I want you to stay
There aren't very many things about a guy like you 
That I don't already know
You can put out the flame and sweep away the ash
For anybody's else's a glow, for anybody's else's a glow

You've been fooling living just a little too rough
I've been reaching can't get close enough

Bm                  D
You can't satisfy, no you can't satisfy
A                   E
Busy mind, can you baby
Bm                      D
You can't help but try, you can't help but try
A                         E
To be that kind, can you baby

I ain't ever been the kinda mind being alone
I'm just a little indifferent I guess
But the look that you gave me when you drove away
You left a rock upon my chest, you left a rock upon my chest


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