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Cryin' For Their Momma's chords - Jason Allen

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Jason Allen Sheet music
                Cryin' For Their Momma's
Jason Allen

Intro - F  Bb  C  F  C

   F                                   Bb
A barstool is just a big highchair for grown-up fools to cry on
    C                              F    C    
The jukebox pacifies 'em all night long
F                                         Bb
Suckin' on a longneck bottle keeps their mouth shut for a while
The bartender's just a babysitter, 

Give another bottle and make 'em feel better, 

Sittin' 'round playin' there little games together
Cryin' for their momma's that's gone

She dropped him off on the way to work 
And he ain't seen her since
And that was three days ago and she didn't know 
He took the money to pay the rent

He bought a beer with a fifty, got change for a twenty
Didn't even see the deal go down
     C                                          F
When he's drinkin' he ain't the smartest man in town

Chorus - I said….

Solo -  F  Bb  C  F  C


A barroom is just a big playpen

Poutin' for a while then the fightin' begins

Sittin' 'round tellin' each other their men
And cryin' for their momma's that's gone

 F = 133211
 C = X32010
Bb = 113331

To play with capo on 3rd fret...

 F = D
 C = A
Bb = G


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