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Dance Maria chords - Jason Eady

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Jason Eady Sheet music
Dance Maria
By Jason Eady

Capo 3

G              C           D              C                G       C  D  C
She grew up on Melrose and went to school somewhere in the hills
    G                C                 D                C              G     C  D  C
She cut her teeth on winding roads and learned just how fast she could live
G                  C                  D            C              G    C  D  C
One day she took a left on Sunset and ended up somewhere in Tennessee
                 G             C                   D                       C           G  
Now I've got her tied up in my living room and she can't believe that it's going to be me

Her name was Maria but she didn't go by anything at all
She had a body men would die for and she learned that she could always make them fall
She started out with down and outs, she'd take them home and take them at the door
But she soon learned the bigger money lied with the richer men who needed something more

D            C                             G         C  D  C  G
Dance Maria, do that thing you do when you walk by
D               C                                      G      C   D  C  G  
Dance Maria, it ain't so easy when you're on the other side

By the time I met Maria she had had too many years to rehearse
For a while she had me going but there was something about the way she held on to that purse
You see I'd seen her kind before, maybe a few too many more times than I'd like to say
But I decided this time I'd go along, I thought someone needed to teach Maria how to play

We got back to my house and things really started heating up
By the time she made her move I was one step ahead and Maria wasn't fast enough
Now I've tied her to a chair, skin bare, and I'm heading out the door
When I feel a warm feeling in my back and the blood began to pour
I turned around in disbelief and where she got that pistol I can only guess
She slithered out of those ropes as I lay bleeding, she put on her dress
And as she walked out the front door she grabbed all of the things that were laying in my hand
Then she turned around and looked at me and said "hey darling, never do that again

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