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Josephine chords - Gina Jeffreys

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JOSEPHINE                   Gina Jeffreys
     |A            |D       |A
Dear Josephine I'm writing to tell you
|           |                  |D                 |A      |
You've got something that belongs to a friend of mine
     |                  |D       |A       |
You stole his heart and then you broke it
         |D             |               |A
And I'm picking up the buts you left behind
     |A            |D          |A
Dear Josephine you never really loved him
       |                |D              |A
I don't understand why you won't let him be
     |                  |D   |A
I can feel your shadow come between us
           |D               |               |A
While  it's there he'll never fall in love with me
     |F#m|D           |       |A
Josephine,  you've got to let him go
        |F#m   |D           |A
Say it's over and let a new love grow
     |F#m|D                |A
Josephine, please stop holding on
             |F#m|G          |       A      |
He's got my heart, I beg you ............... Josephine
      |A          |D     |A       |
Dear Josephine he says he loves me
        |              |D           |A
That he doesn't think about you anymore
     |                   |D           |A
But sometimes when we kiss I get the feeling
    |D             |               |A
It's someone else's lips he's aching for



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