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Painted On Smile chords - Brandon Jenkins

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                Painted On Smile 
By Brandon Jenkins

D  Cadd9  G  D  Cadd9  G  multiple times

    D           Cadd9      G              D         Cadd9  G 
I'm tryin' real hard to pretend I'm still listening
    D        Cadd9         G      D               Cadd9    G 
But I'm in a whole 'nother world, if the truth be known
D                  Cadd9       G     D      Cadd9  G 
Cause I can barely follow your conversation
D                       Cadd9        G        D                 Cadd9   G 
Its like the words of a song I don't know and I'm just hummin' along

Chorus 1:
C                          G
I'm sick and tired of this worn out disguise
C                         G                D  Cadd9  G  D Cadd9  G               
That's staring out from behind these eyes
C                          G
My hearts been strong over every mile
C                        G                 D  Cadd9  G  D  Cadd9 G
And I'm Just here with a painted on smile

Everybody's been worrying about my drinking
Said the look in my eyes had changed now, I'm not the guy they've know
But the don't know just how my worlds been sinking
I'm doing the best i can to hold on so just leave me alone

Chorus 2:
Its hard enough trying to live out a lie
When I just wanna go out and get high
I'm knowin things that should never be known
And I just wanna go out and get stoned


Everybody keeps askin the same old questions
Where you goin, where you been, its all the same to me
Im just tryin real hard to make a connection
Im tryin to make some sense of it all, all the insanity

Chorus 1

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