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New Look At An Old Cross chords - jeremy crady

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                Jeremy Crady - New Look At An Old Cross

Capo 3
D - Bm - G - Asus - A

Finally went to chruch last Sunday
For the first time in five years
Broke down and he started crying
Asus               A
There was whiskey in his tears

It's been a while since he talked to Jesus
Did his best to drown the pain
He's been hiding in the bottle
Asus            A
Mad at God and laying blame

Em                     G
Since that unforgiving night
Em                       Asus A
When his angel lost her life

               Em             G
He's taking a new look at an old rugged cross 
Bm                             A
Except in forgiveness with an old cost 
And he feels amazing grace 
Bm               A           G
Gently take the place of the time lost 
       Em     A        D
With a new look at an old cross 

That was five years ago this Sunday
It's been ten since his daughter died
A drunk driver was sent to prison
For the night he crossed that double line

Now her daddy has been living sober
Can't believe how close he came
Where he became the thing he hated
Till he hit his knees and hauled Jesus' name

Sometimes he still cries
But when he does he lifts his eyes


G                                   Bm
At that little wooden cross by the freeway
                  G                              A   D
When that drunk driver got paroled he went there crying
G                                     D    A/C#  Bm
Her daddy stopped his car when he recognize his face
Em                                G
Looked the man straight in the eye, said I forgive you
Em                   G                Asus A
Didn't even say goodbye as he walked away


       Em     Asus A       D        A  D
With a new lo--ok   at an old cross

Capo 3  - Open
A       - C
Asus    - Csus
A/C#    - C/E
Bm      - Dm
D       - F
Em      - Gm
G       - Bb 

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  1. jeremy crady - New Look At An Old Cross Chords

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