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When My Old Man Was Young chords - Jeremy Parsons

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                When My Old Man Was Young
By Jeremy Parsons

Capo 2

G                         C          G
Times they are a changing oh so rapidly 
C             G                  A7           D     
With the fast pace of life right now's a memory 
  G                                     C                   G
I think of all the things I've seen and all the things I've done 
  C                 G              D                 G
I think of what I'm yet to see and all the things to come

Well I wonder about old times and all the things I missed 
Try to live it through a textbook or my television set 
I listen to the stories told by everyone 
About and around the time when my old man was young

Back when folks were simple
But times could sure get hard
When stores were closed on Sunday and
A7                   D 
Food was cooked with lard
Sometimes I wish I could've seen
    C                   G
The times when this was done
  C             G
A time that has passed us by
     D              G
When my old man was young

I think of all the baby's that are born these days 
I think of what they'll see, what they'll witness what will change 
Nobody ever would have thought what is now would become 
Back 40 years ago when my old man was young

Time it keeps on ticking but our clock does stop 
and the future is left for those who haven't seen a lot 
So they can experience life and all it's fun 
and so I may join all those from when my old man was young


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