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Everything Breaks chords - Jewel

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                All strings tuned down 1/2 step.
(Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

(Only play Eb Ab Db strings)

	G	  Am	    Em	       C

     Under the shadows, forbidden and hot
     Desire grows, more often than not

     "I'm sorry" is a stupid thing to say
     Especially considering it's not like I planned it this way


     		F		        G
     But "I'm sorry" is all that there is left of me
     		F			        G
     I'm so sorry this love left me hollow and made you empty


       C	                       G		
     Maybe I could have loved you better
       C			G
     Maybe you should have loved me more
                   F		   G
     Maybe our hearts were just next in line
	F	  	G	  Am
     Maybe everything breaks sometime
	F	 G	   Am  (arpeggiated)
     Everything breaks sometime

	C 	Em  	C	 Em

     It's hard to believe it's boiled down to this
     It seems so surreal; this won't be healed by a kiss
     It's hard to stare at you, knowing you like I have
     I used to feel so close, now I feel so bad

     My heart's filled with thunderstorms and I'm ready to burst
     And I've lost my favorite harbor and I'll weather for the worst

     Maybe I could have loved you better
     Maybe you should have loved me more
     Maybe our hearts were just next in line
     Maybe everything breaks sometime

     Everything breaks sometime

	F		G		Am
     I'm so sorry, everything breaks sometime

	C 	Em  	C	 Em         C

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