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Hood River Roll On chords - Jody Stecher-Kate Brislin

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                HOOD RIVER ROLL ON 
(U. Utah Phillips)
Performed by Jody Stecher/Kate Brislin

Video/Recording in Key of G
Listen to the video for the strum pattern and the instrumental breaks.

Hood River Roll On

Intro: same as verse

[G]                       [C]          [G]   
The rusty pot bubbles, the bottle goes 'round
Did you hear about Blackie? He flagged the westbound
   [G]                                        [D]
The young ones drift off to get drunk in their dreams
    [G]                    [C]              [G]
The old men sip coffee and stare through the steam

[G]              [D]
Hood River, roll on
          [C]        [G]
There's so much to remember
  [G]            [C]
The old times are gone
    [D]         [G]  
Hood River, roll on

The fire's knocked down, the balloons are all packed
They're coughin' and flappin' along the steel track
The young kid remembers the old man's advice
He shakes out his bedroll and rolls it up nice

The box rumbles up on a black cinder grade
Some tumble inside, and the others just wave
'Til scattered by smoke or the crunch of the shack
But no one looks up and nobody looks back

May your long apple valleys stay green through the fall
And your magic white mountain watch over us all
Lead your old apple knockers in out of the snow
Let your rubber tramps ride where the trains never go

Repeat: The old times are gone...Hood River, roll on

Instrumental break follows verse chords

Repeat: The old times are gone...Hood River, roll on (2x)

Words and music U. Utah Phillips. Copyright 1997 On Strike 
Music BMI.
Source: U. Utah Phillips and Mark Ross 'Loafers Glory' Red 
House RHR CD 103.

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