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Nashville, Tennessee chords - Joey Allcorn

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                     E                   G              A          G     E
Some people told me that I oughta be in Nashville, Tennessee 
          E                G                  A         G         E
They just don't understand they don't know it ain't the place for me 
           E                   G               A          G       E
Cause when I went to Nashville they told me to pack up an go back home 
             E                            G                      A            G     E
They said we don’t like your style and we don’t like your sound, son you just don't belong

Chorus 1:
   A         G     E 
In Nashville Tennessee 
           A          G       E
They didn’t think too much of me 
      A          G          E
I’m a little too country ya see 
    A         G     E
For Nashville Tennessee 

Now I like ol' hank an I like Cobain an I really don't give a damn 
If you like me or the songs I sing or this white-trash-country band 
Cause I ain't into fags an i ain't into rap so what else could i do 
Blow out my brains or slit my wrists or find somethin’ else to do... 

Chorus 2:
Cause Nashville Tennessee 
Made it clear to me 
That they do not want me 
In Nashville Tennessee 

Guitar solo

Fiddle Solo 

Now I know alot of damn good bands that just can't get a break 
Cause all these people care about is how much money they make 
And they don’t really give a damn about the music ya see 
It kinda reminds me of the way things are back in... 

Chorus 3:
Nashville Tennessee 
Cause in Nashville Tennessee
They tried to put me on my knees 
And rape my music an me 
In Nashville Tennessee

So I got my guitar an left that town, here I am today 
Playin this country music now in a punk rock kinda way 
Don't call me country I’m just a hillbilly from the wrong side of the tracks 
I'm just doin what I do just a playin' these songs tryin to take country back 

Chorus 4:
That's where they killed country 
That's why you won't find me 
In Nashville Tennessee

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Joey Allcorn
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