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The Ballad Of Smokey Bacon chords - John Beatrice

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                Artist: John Beatrice

Intro: Am C G 4x

 Am                               C            G          Am
One day when I was on the bus I heard a loud noise behind me
      Am                  C     G              Am
And curious as I always am, I turned around to see
   Am                          C              G           Am
A big man with a big guitar strapped to the side of his Harley
   Am                            C         G        Am
I opened up my window and I said, is your name Charlie
C            G  
And he said, no

Chorus 1:
              C                               G                               Am
He said, my name is Smokey Bacon and I drove all the way from Macon, down in Georgia
   C                                G                              Am
I like to play this big guitar and hang out in some dusty bar in Florida
      C                              G                 
But today I'm on a special quest, gonna drive into the west
    Am            C                 G      
And see if I can find that setting sun
(no chord)          Am
My name is Smokey Bacon

             Am                                         C                G              Am
I said, I'm sorry man, I can't come along, but if ya'd like me to I'll write a song for you
         Am                          C                 G                  Am
Then I asked him for his six string, and I played the man this little groove
         C                            G
And it went a little something like this

Am C G 8x

Chorus 2:
                C                           G                                Am
And I said, my name is John Beatrice and I like the cowboy hat that's on my head
           C                               G                                 Am
But I'll trade it for your big guitar and play it in that bar when you are dead
c                                   G                    
People will come from miles around just to hear this guitar's sound
Am                  C            G
And I promise I'll never let ya down
(no chord)         Am
Mister Smokey Bacon

Outro: Am C G 4x


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  1. John Beatrice - The Ballad Of Smokey Bacon Chords

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