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Let Me Down Hard chords - John Eddie

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                Let Me Down Easy
By John Eddie

C  C  G     4 times

          C        G
Don’t you spare my feelin’s
             C         G
Aw, don’t be scared of blood
Don’t break it to me gently
D             C       G  
Aw, don’t you use kid gloves
      C           G
Don’t sweet talk, baby
      C    G
Don’t sugarcoat
The bitter little pill
D               C       D 
You’ re shovin’ down my throat

      C           G
Don’t let me down easy
            C         Em
Aw, make it hurt like hell
               C       G
Well don’t you kiss my cheek
Don’t ya wish me well
      C           G
Don’t let me down easy
         C           Em 
Leave me bruised and scarred
      C           G     D
Don’t let me down easy, please
Let me down hard

Don’t you change your colors
Keep ‘em mean and true
When you break my heart, girl
I wanna recognize you
Leave a bad taste, baby
Leave me here to cry
Leave a little somethin’, please
To forget you by


Baby, yes, hard feelin’s
Aw, baby, yes regrets
I might forgive ya someday
But baby, not just yet

Chorus 2:
Won’t let you down easy
I’ll make it hurt like hell
I won’t kiss your cheek
I won’t wish you well
Won’t let you down easy
I’ll leave you bruised and scarred
Won’t let you down easy, no
I’ll let you down hard
I’ll let you down hard
I’ll let you down hard
I’ll let you down hard


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