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One Day You Don't chords - John Friday

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                Capo 2nd

Intro: E-A-B-E E-A-B-E

E 	  	  	  	  	 A
Well, you get up every morning just to do it all again
     B                                  E
The same ol' same old same old that you know
E  	  	  	  	       A
You add on to the pile of things you just can't live without
 	 B 	  	  	  	     E
All the stuff you leave behind you when you go
C#m 	  	  	     A 	        C#m 	  	  	  	 B
And every day it's just the same thing, you keep your shoulder to that stone
 	  	 E 	 A
Til one day you don't
 	     E 	  	 B
One day you don't

E 	  	  	     A
And every time your good intentions
B 	  	  	 E
Interfere with who you are
E 	  	  	  A
And all the cons and reinventions
B 	  	  	     E
Won't get you closer to the stars
C#m 	  	  	    A 	   C#m 	  	  	  	    B
And every day you have to struggle with what you will and what you won't
 	  	 E 	 A
Til one day you don't
 	     E 	  	 B
One day you don't

D 	  	      E 	      D 	  	  	  	   E
It's a miracle every morning, just to get up and race the sun
D 	  	  	      E 	      F#m 	  	  	 B
Your ambition might keep you running, but someday every race is done

E 	  	  	    A
So ride until the ride is over
B 	  	  	   E
Because it's over way too soon
E 	  	  	  	    A
And 'though it's free, it's just a one-song jukebox
B 	  	  	      E
So you'd better dance 'cause it's your only tune
   C#m                       A    C#m                               B
And if you think you have forever, you'll miss the only time you've got
 	  	 E 	 A
Til one day you don't
 	     E 	  	 B
One day you don't
 	  	 E 	 A
One day you don't
 	     E 	  	 B
One day you don't

Outro:  E-A-B-E E-A-B-E 	  	  

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