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Buffalo River Home chords - John Hiatt

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E   A   E   A   E

E          B                                       E
I've been taking off and landing, but this airport's closed
              A                         E             B
And how much thicker this fog is gonna get, God only knows
Just when you think that you've got a grip,
   E                          /F# /G# A
Reality sneaks off and gives you the slip-
E          B/D#      C#m     B
As if you ever knew what it was,
 A          G#m      F#m
Takin' you down the line.

  B                   E         
Tearing through the cotton fields and bus shelters
Of the South running helter skelter
                   E    B/D#   C#m
Down through the Mississippi Delta 
  B       A                  B
With no place to call your own.
Mixing up drinks with mixed feelings,
All along the paint was peeling
             E      B/D#         C#m
Down to an Indian blanket on a pony,
  B       A            G#m       F#m
With no rider in the flesh and bone
                  A             E
Lookin' for his buffalo river home.

I've been circling the wagons down at Times Square
Trying to fill up this hole in my soul, 
But nothing fits there
Just when you think that you can let it rip
You're pounding the pavement in your daddy's wingtips
As if you had someplace else to go, 
Or a better way to get there.


Now there's only two things in life, 
But I forget what they are-
It seems we're either hangin' on a moonbeam's coattails, 
Or wishing on stars.
Just when you think that you've been gyped, 
Yhe bearded lady comes and does a double back flip
And you run off and join the circus,
Yeah you just let that pony ride.


Lookin' for his buffalo river home.

Chords used:  
E- 022100  022xxx
A- x02200  577xxx
B- x2440x  799xxx
B/D#- x69xxx  x69xxx   x6444x
C#m- x46xxx  x466xx   x46654
G#m- 4664xx  466xxx   466444
F#m- 2442xx  244xxx   244222

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