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Little Tom chords - Johnny Hickman

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Little Tom by Johnny Hickman

Am          C       G
F                                       C              G
Well someone shot the president, on the night that I was born
F                            C    G
I wasn't born to poverty or wealth
F                              C
Just one in a million babies, often to be told
Keep their opinions to themselves

F                                       C                G                    
I really wasn't all that small but they called me Little Tom
F                              C    G
And they sent me to school far away
F                         C
I don't really get it and I may never know 
But they said at the time that there was no other way, 
           Am        C     G
no other way
Am       C       G

F                                     C               G
Well they say I had a sister, but she died when I was young
F                                 C           G
In a home that the government had found her in
F                                               C
And the place they found for me they called the great opportunity
Still I wish she could have died with me around her
F                                 C           G           
See some kids got a beatin', some kids went away
F                                      C    G
Sometimes I'd hear 'em leaving in the night
F                             C
One time I saw Jesus standing outside in the rain
And he told me that I was gonna be all right, 
              Am           C       G
gonna be all right

D          C          D          C              Em     Am

F                                                 C           G
Well the priest there he bought me a suit, and we got in his car
F                             C    G
And he took me for a ride downtown
Said the Army is the place for you, 
be a man before they're through
He walked away while I was just staring down

F                                           C           G
Now which God made the criminals, and which God made police
F                                 C    G
And which God makes the ones like me
F                                         C
Where do bad guys come from if they don't fall out of the sky
When I get out I'm gonna work at stayin free, 
             Am        C      G
just stayin free

Am        C       G            Am


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  1. Johnny Hickman - Little Tom Chords

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