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You Might Have Told Me chords - Jon Wolfe

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                You Might Have Told Me
By Jon Wolfe

Capo 2

               G        Em7               Cadd9
You might have told me, you weren't comin' back
           D                   Cadd9          D
Instead of lettin' me believe, I still had a chance
               G            Em7            Cadd9
You might have told me, you found somebody new
      D                                Em7           Cadd9
Cause it was quite a big surprise, when I saw him and you

             G                Em7
You could've mentioned it was over
           Cadd9                  D 
You didn't love me, ain't nothing' colder
     G               Em7            Cadd9    D
Than finding out the one you need is gone, forever and
           G           Em7                Cadd9          C/B  
Now you're sayin' this conversation, we've had a thousand times
      Am                C/B                C                 D
And I must have lost my mind, cause I cant get it through my head
    Am                G         
But now that I think about it

You might have told me, like some heartbroke fool
I've convienently forgottin', the sad and painful truth
You might have told me, it was gonna hurt this much
It might be the very reason, I've been so out of touch, out of touch



You might have told me, you weren't comin' back
You might have told me. 

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