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Jonah And The Whale Corrected chords - Grandpa Jones

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                                             Jonah and the Whale
                              Capo 2nd fret
G                              C               G
In the Bible we are told of a prophet to us called
To the city steeped in awful sin
        G                          C                G
All the people in that place were devoid of saving grace
                             D         G
And the prophet seamed to pray to enter In
                                         C               G
Then the prophet forth was sent that all Neneve might repent
But instead of that catharsis he set sail
          G                    C                 G
All the winds began to blow overboard did Jonah throw
                            D           G
And he found a mercy seat inside the Whale

G                              C                  G
Over There over There in that land so bright and fair
We'll tell them all about it over there
           G                        C          G
In that halleluiah land I'll take Jonah by the hand
                           D            G
And we'll tell them all about it over there

                                         C                 G
In the cold and brighted beat tears of grief did Jonah weep 
And the big fish threw him out upon the shore
          G                                C              G
Then he quickly went his way preached to Nenevee night and day
                             D          G
Cause he did not bear to backslide any more

 G                                    C                 G
Now some people don't believe that a whale could himreceive 
But still that doesn't prove my song untrue
            G                              C           G
There are whales on every side with their big mouth openwide
                                    D       G
Take care my friend that one don't swallow you

   G                                 C                  G
Many souls are tossed about by the whales of fear and doubt
But the savior wants to take them by the hand
         G                            C              G
If you will his voice avaide he will save you right away
                        D           G
And lead you over to that promise land

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