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Gate chords - Jordan MyCoskie

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                The B is like a D7 but Where an E would be
Jordan Mycoskie
 G                        B
An overweight Betty Davis wannabe 
Em                            C
Gets off a plane at Gate 33
G                        B
She was from this town so she knew 
Em                                        C
There was a smoking lounge at Gate 32
She pulls a pack of Winston's and sits next to 
A ten year old with a fake tattoo 
He reads a Playboy like its news 
While his uncle gets a beer and shines his shoes
G                         D       Em            C
Standing in an airport in old St. Louis
 G                    D               Em            C                                              
Stuck inside a Smoking Lounge at Gate 32.
An older man from Birmingham 
Whose shoulders sag pronounces "Damn" every other word
He's talking to a life guru
Who's seen it all at 22, it's not his fault, he can't help but sound absurd.
And two older gals, I guess their pals
Because the fabric all around their leopard skin luggage is the same.
Standing in an airport in old St. Louis
Stuck inside a Smoking Lounge at Gate 32.
Am7        D7    G     E7
Ain't got time to save
Ain't got bills to pay
I love my work and I got a car
Little Rock was not that far
The pilot sitting next to me has a flight at gate 13, we're at gate 32
I hear over the intercom my flight has move again
So I get a beer and shine my shoes 
And I read the news and a Playboy too
I walk around with an Ice Cream cone
Smiling at all the folks that laugh at me 
When I'm writing a song in the middle of a smoking lounge standing up
I might as well be smoking a bong but I'm just sitting her acting like Cody Canada
Standing in an airport in old St. Louis
Stuck inside a Smoking Lounge at Gate 32. 

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