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My Heart Won't Let Her Go chords - Josh Harris

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                My Heart Won't Let Her Go
Josh Harris 2011

Intro: D D D A A Em A D 2X

Verse 1
(D) I know she ain't carin' what (D/C) I think, (G) anymore
(D) After all we been through with that (D/C) girl she's still 
on (G) my mind (D) To see her with someone (D/C) 
new so (G) soon (A) I can't face the truth

(G/Dsus4) She's gone (G) she's not coming back
(D) She's with him now, (D/C)  I'm off her mind and
out of her life (D) wish I could do the same 
(no chord) but my heart won't let (G) her go

G  D  G  D

Verse 2
(D) Why we didn't work is (D/C) still on my (G) mind, 
A (D) guy like me couldn't give a (D/C) girl like that what 
(G) she needed (D) Watching him hold her (D/C) so close 
to-(G)-night (A) makes me believe with one more try (G)
(no chord) I would be the she wants tonight, but


SOLO: G  D  A  Em  Am  B

Ohhhhhhh~~~~~~(B) as she got into his car
(Cadd9) It finally sank in and I said to myself 

Chorus: (slow)
Chorus: (up to speed)

G  D  G  D  G  D  G  D  G  D  G  D  G  D  G  D  G  D  G  D

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