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A Penny For The Band chords - justin rutledge

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                A Penny For The Band
Written & Recorded by Justin Rutledge

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (G) | (G) | (C) | (C) | (Am) | (Am) | (D) | (D)

Another Shirley (G)Temple, another Cain and (C)Abel
There's nothing out the (Am)window, and nothing on the (D)table

This life is like a (G)sad list, strong across the (C)Nation
If I miss you at the (Am)soundcheck, I'll see you at the (D)station

There's a (Em)beast inside of (G)me, and he's (C)not bad compa-(G)ny
But he (C)speaks in tongues I can (Em)never (G)under-(D)stand
He says it's (Am)one more show and a (C)penny (D)for the (G)band

Keep everybody (G)dancing, keep everybody (C)spending
I know I am not a (Am)good man, but I can keep pre-(D)tending

I made it in a (G)doorway, your dress is like a (C)dark vale
But I'm not going (Am)your way, I'm going back to (D)heartache

With a (Em)bottle of Burgun-(G)dy, where she (C)waits on the balco-(G)ny
With a (C)northern wish and a (Em)daisy (G)in her (D)hand
To send me (Am)all her love and a (C`)penny (D)for the (G)band

Inst.:  | (G) | (G) | (C) | (C) | (Am) | (Am) | (D) | (D) |
        | (G) | (G) | (C) | (C) | (Am) | (Am) | (D) | (D)

There's a (Em)beast inside of (G)me, and I (C)miss my fami-(G)ly
All these (C)pages and these (Em)stages (G)made of (D)sand
Still, it's (Am)one more show and a (C)penny (D)for the (Em)band (A)
(Am)One more show and a (C)penny (D)for the (G)band

Outro.:  | (G) | (G) | (C) | (C) | (Am) | (Am) | (D) | (D) |
         | (G) | (G) | (C) | (C) | (Am) | (Am) | (D) | (D) |
         | (G) | (G) | (C) | (C) | (Am) | (Am) | (D) | (D) | (G) -----

justin rutledge Chordsjustin rutledge Lyrics

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justin rutledge
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  1. justin rutledge - A Penny For The Band Chords

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