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Making Circles chords - Christian Kane

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                Making Circles
By Christian Kane

Capo 2

         C                       Am
Well our love story reads like a book of lies
     F                  C
Good intentions, better alibis
C                    Am
No happy endings, no straight lines
   F                C  
No movin' on but no goodbyes
     Dm          Dm/E                F
This bittersweet revelry will be the death of me

We go round and round, tryin' to work it out
    C                 G    
And all I get is hell bent and bound
F                             C
Never far from right where we are
And you'd think we'd get enough
    C                G
And know we're gonna f**k it up
We're holdin' on, sinkin' down, here we go 'round and 'round
       Am     C   F        Am       C  F
Making circles      making circles

   C                          Am
We both need to lead while we dance along
         F                      C 
One more graceful spin on who's right or wrong
         C                        Am
It's the same old words, it's the same old song
      F                 C
Baby, we're right where we belong
       D              D/E           F              D/E 
And it can't get much better and it sure can't get worse
     Dm             D/E   F
Well either way you turn, it's gonna hurt


You'd think we'd had enough
Be sick and tired of f**kin' up,
Holdin' on, sinkin' down
Here we go around and around 

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