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Four Questions chords - Kieran Kane

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                Four Questions
By Kieren Kane

Capo 2

D             G                         D
I’ve got four questions that torment my soul
  A                                 D
I search for the answers but nobody knows
  D           G                      D
I turn to the bible and the wages of sin
            A                      D 
But no satisfaction could be found therein

So I went to the mountain, a mountain so high
I climbed to the summit and I looked to the sky
But no words were written up there in the clouds
To relieve these questions that trouble me now

           G                 D
Who is she with, what is she doing
             A                   D
Where is she now and why did she go
           G                 D
Who is she with, what is she doing
             A                   D
Where is she now and why did she go


Maybe tomorrow I’ll walk to the sea
Swim to the bottom , so cold and so deep
And there in the darkness perhaps I will find
Release from these questions that burden my mind


Kieran Kane ChordsKieran Kane Lyrics

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