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Porta Potty chords - Keller Williams

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Porta Potty Line  by Keller Williams

|G - - -|C - - -|G - - -|D - - -|
|G - - -|C - - -|G - D -|G - - -|


G                     C                    
I fell in love in the portapotty line

G                          D
In the parking lot of some show.

G                      C
She was dancing round, clutching herself.

        G           D           G
She was waiting for her turn to go.

(Verse 1)

    G                                C
Her dreadlocks swung down like those shiny golden chains,

        G                       D
and she looked to be strong and brave.

   G                                C
My nose was filled with the bouquet of petula oil.

   G               D             G
It looks like that she had never shaved.

(Verse 2)

       G                    C
Well I knew right away that I was in love.

     G                   D
That she was the one for me.

     G                       C
Well I could not tell if she felt the same way,

    G           D          G
But I know that she had to pee.



(Verse 3)

    G                                 C
The sunlight shone bright through the sundress she wore,

    G                             D
and reflected off the ring in her nose.

    G                      C
Her ankle bells jingled as she danced around

       G            D          G
I felt proud of the line I had chose.

     G                             C
Then all of a sudden she could not take it no more
        G                             D
on that portapotty she wailed and she banged.

    G                         C
And as she started tipping it back and forth,

     G                D          G
Well I just raised my head and I sang.



     G                    C  
That pretty little vacant sign showed her face,

   G                            D
as she flew right in like peter pan.

  G                  C
I wanted to be there when she was done,

   G            D               G
so I went and I peed behind the van.

     G                      C
Well I did not realize just how much had been drunk.

G                                   D
I stood there for the length of the song.

     G                      C
Well I zipped up, went back to that portapotty

G               D         G
my sweet little lover was gone.


G                      C
She was dancing round, clutching herself.

        G           D           G
She was waiting for her turn to go.

Note: This is not to pitch with the recording.


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