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Ive Fallen In Love chords - Bap Kennedy

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Bap Kennedy: I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE by Bap Kennedy
Domestic Blues, 1998 E-Squared Records

Transcribed by 
Lyrical amendment by Mike Berry ( )
Lyrical amendment by Paul (go_goirish)

Bap Kennedy- acoustic guitar, vocals
Roy M. Huskey Jr.- upright bass
Peter Rowan- acoustic guitar, classial guitar
Jerry Douglas- dobro
Steve Earle- acoustic guitar
Larry Atamanuik- drums, percussion
Nancy  Blake- cellos
Ray Kennedy- background vocals

Time:6/8 Capo-4

Intro and repeated strum pattern:
  G     D      C     D
|/ / / / / / |/ / / / / / |
  1 2 3 4 5 6  1 2 3 4 5 6
To get the timing right, first verse begins:
|G        D            |C     D         |G
           I sang "Danny Boy", out of the window
  G     D      C     D      G
|/ / / / / / |/ / / / / / |/ / /
  1 2 3 4 5 6  1 2 3 4 5 6  1 2 3
D             C
I sang "Danny Boy"
D               G
Out of the window
D                  C
I don't know the words
D                 G
I was making them up
D               C
Stepping outside
D              G
Feel the sun shining
D         C
I can't deny
D              G
I'm falling in love

  D     C      D     G      D     C      D     G
|/ / / / / / |/ / / / / / |/ / / / / / |/ / / / / / |

I told them your name
Said where you come from
See you again
That kind of stuff
Told them your name
But I never told them
I never said
I'm falling in love

Falling in love
Falling in love

Feels like my heart
Has been struck by lightning
You're in my head
It's you I'm dreaming of
Better come clean
Have to tell someone
I have to tell someone
I'm falling in love
      Falling in love
I'm falling in love
      Falling in love
I'm falling in love
      Falling in love
I'm falling in love
      Falling in love
I'm falling in love
      Falling in love
      Falling in love
I'm falling in love

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