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Headlights chords - Drew Kennedy

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Drew Kennedy Sheet music
By Drew Kennedy

Capo 5

G       D         Am     C
I’m a mechanic by trade
G                    D             Am         C 
Cars and trucks both foreign and domestically made
          G                   D                  Am          C 
Aren’t confusing when they’re moving but they’ll drive you insane 
          G     D  Am  C  
When they ain‘t

Drivers I am sorry to say
Usually eluding me in a similar way
I don’t blame them they’re same when I explain the delay
To their day. 

Sometimes when I sleep 
I dream that I’m seeing the 
World through headlights
Highway in sight
When I’m awake
I’m almost afraid of the
C                Am7               G
Rear view mirror leaning nearer to say
G      D           G 
Drive away, drive away

I can fix your automobile
Buy a set of tires and I’ll align your wheels
Not to mention the suspension, check wires and seals
It’s a hell of a deal. 

Chorus 2:
Spending every day 
Feeling nothing but pale 
But I’m defending 
And when I’m asleep
I dream that I’m seeing 
The world through headlights asking if it’s alright to stay
Drive away, drive away.

I’m a mechanic by trade
Cars and trucks both foreign and domestically made 
Aren’t confusing when they’re moving but they’ll drive you insane 
When they ain‘t, when they ain’t 

Drew Kennedy ChordsDrew Kennedy Lyrics

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