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The Glass On The Bar chords - Lee Kernaghan

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                Lee Kernaghan - The Glass On The Bar

Capo 5

(The CD Key is in F if you want to transpose it back)

      C                        G
Three bushman one morning rode up to an Inn
    Am                     Em
And one of them called for drinks with a grin
They'd only returned from a trip to the north
    C                       G
And eager to greet them the landlord came forth
He absently poured out a glass of three star
    C                           G
And set down the drink with the rest on the bar

      C                                  G
There that is for Harry he said and it's queer
         Am                 Em
Tis' the very same glass he drank from last year
His name's on the glass you can read it like print
   C                            G
He scratched it himself with an old piece of flint
I remember his drink it was always three star
   C                           G           C
He set down the drink with the rest on the bar

   C                        G
He looked at the horses and counted but three
         Am                      Em
You were always together where's Harry cried he
Oh sadly they looked at the glass as they said
        C                   G
You may put it away for our old mate is dead
But one glazing out over the ridges afar
        C                         G            C
Said we owe him a drink leave the glass on the bar

Instr: C G Am C F

     C                       G
They thought of the far away grave on the plain
     Am                           Em
They thought of the comrade who'd not come again
They lifted their glasses and sadly they said
   C                        G
We drink to the name of our old mate who's dead
And the sunlight streamed in and a light like a star
          C                        G
Seemed to glow in the depth of the glass on the bar

    C                      G
And still in that shanty a tumbler is seen
     Am                     Em
It stands by the clock ever polished and clean
And often the strangers will read as they pass
    C                     G
The name of the bushman engraved on the glass
And though on that shelf though a dozen there are
     C                           G               C  
That glass never stands with the rest on the bar

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