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What I'm Fighting For chords - Kevin Deal

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Kevin Deal - What I'm Fighting For

Capo 2

C                 G
President's make speeches
Am            F
Generals make plans
C            G
Soldiers say goodbye 
Am              F
Head to foreign lands

Back home you can hardly tell
There is even a war
Except for politicians
Fighting over what we are fightin for

        C               G
You can talk of God and Country
        Am       F
Talk of flag and family
      C                        G
Right now I'm fighting for the man next to me
  F                      C
I know he's fighting for me

Now I am a soldier
And I do not ask for much
I am trained to kill
And I do what I must

Just give me what I need
Tell me where to point my gun
Keep your promises don't forget
About me when I'm done



Now it ain't my job to worry about the politics
Or the poor planning that got us in this fix
I miss my wife and kids and I count every day till i see them
And if I die over here it won't be for no damned Iraqi freedom


Now I love my God and Country
Love my flag and family
Right now I'm fighting for the man next to me
I know he's fighting for me

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