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Slow Poke chords - Pee Wee King

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Slow Poke, by Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart and Chilton Price

bm7  E7
You keep me waitin' till it's gettin' aggravatin' your a slow poke

E7        bm7  E7                                  bm7  E7         A
I wait'n worry but you never seem to hurry you're a slow poke

A7                                            D7          D       B7
Time means nothing to you I wait and then, late again

D7                   bm7              A               bm7
Eight o'clock, nine o'clock, quarter to ten

bm7 E7
Why should I linger every time you snnap your finger little slow poke

E7                  bm7    E7                                         bm7
Why can you hasten when you see the time's a-wastin' your

A                   A7
a slow poke dear

D                             dm                             A
Why should I keep tryin' to change you, it's not the thing to do

bm7                                     E7    bm7 E7    A
I guess I'll have to learn to be a slow poke too.

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