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The Seine chords - Kingston Trio

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                The Seine
Written by Irving Burgess
Recorded by The Kingston Trio

(Capo on 3)
Intro.:  (D)Ooh,_ (Bm)ooh, (C#m)ooh, ooh, (A7)ooh, ooh,
       (D)ooh,_ (Bm)ooh, (C#m)ooh, ooh, (A7)ooh-ooh!
One (D)night along the (Bm)river at (C#m)St. Germaine de (A7)Pre
I (D)first met my be-(Bm)loved at a (C#m)small sidewalk caf-(A7)e
We (D)walked along the (Bm)river, the (C#m)shadows passing (A7)by
But we (D)only saw each (Bm)other, 
the (C#m)shining water, (A7)and the (D)sky (Bm) (C#m) (A7)

The (D)Seine, the (Bm)Seine, (C#m)when will I a-(A7)gain
(D)Meet her (Bm)there, (C#m)greet her (A7)there
on the (D)moonlit (A7)banks of the (D)Seine? (Bm) (C#m) (A7)
Standing (D)there across the (Bm)river 'mid (C#m)sound of horn and (A7)tram
In (D)all her quiet (Bm)beauty, the Ca-(C#m)thedral Notre (A7)Dame
And (D)as we passed be-(Bm)side her I (C#m)said a little (A7)prayer
That (D)when this dream was (Bm)over, 
(D)I'd awake and (A7)find you (D)there (Bm) (C#m) (A7)
Repeat Chorus
We (D)walked along the (Bm)river till (C#m)dawn was coming (A7)nigh
Be-(D)neath the Eiffel (Bm)Tower, we (C#m)said our last good-(A7)bye
There (D)on that splendid (Bm)morning, I (C#m)saw you all in (A7)tears
And the (D)beauty of that (Bm)hour 
will (C#m)shine within me (A7)through the (D)years (Bm) (C#m) (A7)
Repeat Chorus
The (D)Seine, the (Bm)Seine, (G)when will I a-(A7)gain
(D)Meet her (A7)there on the (D)Seine?

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