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Memory Road(correct) chords - Kyle Hunt

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                Intro- D,Bm,G,A

Verse 1:
D                        Bm                        G   
Rosa Lee finished at the top of her she could have been 
what she wanted to be,
        D                       Bm                     
She was happy go lucky chose to hang around town she was 
G                 A
in on every party scene,
            D                            Bm              
Through the fun and the laughter and the clock is tickin' 
           G                           A
faster she began to fade back into the past,
          D                   Bm                G     A
To notice time has a habit of passin' us by and oooooooooo 
passin' us fast,

            G                  A                   D    
She's still drivin' up and down main street in her daddy's 
A       G      D               Bm             G          
pick-up truck, Radio plays her favorite songs tonight she's
A                     G             A             
gettin' drunk, But it ain't like it used to be 'cuz her 
D            A         G       D
friends have all moved on, and tonight she rides alone down
A  (stop)
on..... Memory Road


Verse 2:
D                           Bm                   G 
Friday night games were the talk of the town and so was the
homecoming queen,
    D                          Bm                    G
She wasn't just another pretty face in the crown she was 
every school boys dream,
          D                            Bm               
She had a super since of humor full of honesty was voted 
G                 A
most likely to succeed,
          D                         Bm            G    A
But never grasped the sense of opportunities that weeeeee 
we all need to achieve,



Slow down
D(strum once)            Bm(strum once)           G(strum)
Rosa lee finished at the top of her class but she still 
            A(strum once)
got alot to learn, 
D(normal now)                        Bm          
Between those old melodies and those hard memories the 
G                  A
drinkin' just gets worse,
       D                             Bm 
Mixin' yesterday's thinkin' with the bottle that she's 
         G                                  A
drinkin' now she's gettin' close to the worm,
    D                          Bm                      
And tomorrow when she's wakin' she wish the road she taken
        G      A                   D
was the onnnnnnnee the one with no turn,



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