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Can I Stay chords - Ray Lamontagne

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                Can I Stay - Ray LoMontagne

Chord Shapes: G=(3,2,0,0,3,3) Dadd11/F#=(2,0,0,2,3,3) Em7=(0,2,2,0,3,3)
Intro: [G] [Dadd11/F#] [Em7] [A] [C] [D] [G] x2
Can I [G] stay, here with [Dadd11/F#] you,
'till the [Em7] morning?
I [A] am so far from home,
And I [D] feel a little stoned.

Can I [G] stay, here with [Dadd11/F#] you,
'till the [Em7] morning?
There's [A] nothing I want more,
Than to [D] wake up on your floor.

[Em] Lay with me in your [A] thinnest dress,
[Em] Fill my heart with [A] each caress,
Be- [G] tween your [Dadd11/F#] blissful [Em7] kisses [A] whisper,
[C] Darling [D] is this [G] love? [1:] [2:] (Intro)  [3:] (to Coda)

Can I [G] stay, here with [Dadd11/F#] you,
'Till the [Em7] day breaks?
There's [A] something you should know,
I ain't [D] got no place to go.

Can I [G] stay, here with [Dadd11/F#] you,
'Till the [Em7] day breaks?
How [A] happy it would make, me,
To [D] see your face when I awake.

Can I [G] stay, here with [Dadd11/F#] you,
Through the [Em7] nighttime?
I've [A] fallen sad inside,
And I [D] need a place to hide.

Can I [G] stay, here with [Dadd11/F#] you,
Through the [Em7] nighttime?
I'm [A] all alone and blue,
Wont you [D] take me to your room?

[G] Whis- [Dadd11/F#] per [Em7] to [A] me, [C] is [D] this, [G] love?
Intro (end on D not G) 

Ray Lamontagne ChordsRay Lamontagne Lyrics

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