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29 Nights chords - Danni Leigh

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                Intro chords  B  G#m  B  G#m

B                                     F#
   A thousand miles a month of empti-ness
E            F#               B 
  A million tears have been dried
B                          F#
I recall the look in your eyes
E            F#       B 
When I told you good-bye
           G#m                    F#
You said Darling you're makin' a big mistake
E                         D#m
And you'll never see it through

B                      G#m
It's been 30 long days 29 nights
     E          F#  B     B  G#m  B  G#m   
And I'm still over you
B                                    F#
The pain of doubt The fear of lonli-ness
E           F#       B
  They're behind me now
B                                 F#
And memories that used to torture me
E            F#      B       
They don't bring me down 
      G#m                    F#
Never let myself completely fall apart  
E                 D#m
Like you said I'd do   but   

      E                           F#       E  F#  B 
Over you I'm over you still over you over you
              G#m                            F#
You said darlin' you're making a big mistake
And you'll never, no you'll never see it through
              B            G#m             E         F#   B   
But it's been 30 long days, 29 nights and I'm still over you
B                            G#m            F         F#   B 
Yeah, It's been 30 long days 29 nights and I'm still over you
E                        F#       E  F#  B        
Over You I'm still over you over you

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