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Whiskey And Wine chords - Levi Lowrey

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                Simple chords, not spot on but pretty good. This is my first tab so bear with me.

Whiskey and Wine
Levi Lowrey
No Capo

Intro:                                                       D (begins on last note of intro)

              A                       D
Each time our eyes meet, I fall apart inside
           A                             D
Tried to resist you, and keep you off my mind
              G                          D       Bm
But we're all alone now, and my wills so tired
                    D       A                      D
'Cause I'm drinking whiskey, and you're sippin' on wine

Repeat Intro

           A                              D
I've got a ring, dear, I've tried hard to hide
                     A                            D
'Cause this ain't my home, girl, and you ain't my bride
                G                      D      Bm
But I'm in your arms now, lost in your eyes
              D      A                     D
I blame it on whiskey, you can blame it on wine

            A                             D
Cheap motel headache, this ain't what you need
             A                              D
Just another white lie, through red-stained teeth
              G                                  D     Bm
I sweep up my footprints from where I cross that line
                 D      A                     D
I'll blame it on whiskey, you can blame it on wine

Instrumental, "Ohhhh" G D G D G D Bm D A D

              A                             D
Now you'll go your way, and darlin' I'll go mine
              A                     D
I'm sure I'll see you, from time to time
                  G                         D     Bm
Just don't let me near you, no matter how I try
              D     A                     D--A--G
We'll have no reason, to blame whiskey or wine
              D     A                     D
We'll have no reason, to blame whiskey or wine

End with intro, strum D

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