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Fly chords - Rob Lilly

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by Rob Lilly


tabbed by Kelan Luker


Inro: G C9 Em7 C9


G C9 G Em7


Growing up in a small town in Texas, 


G C9 G Em7


A little town but I had big dreams 


G C9 G


And I was small but I had imagination, 


Em7 D G


the world was what I wanted it to be.


G C9 Em7 D G


I used to race sports cars, on my training wheeled bike. 


G C9


I never really won the race 


Em7 D G


but I put up a good fight. 


G C9 


And I was just in kindergarten, 


Em7 D G


so I didnt really like girls, 


G C9


And I still thought my father , 


Em7 D G


lit up the whole world. 


G C9 Em7 D G


On the playground at recess, my buddies and I. 


G C9 Em7 D G


I was always the leader, cause I knew how to fly, 


Em7 D G


yeah I knew how to fly. 




Years, they go by slowly. The innocence we had then was lost. 


I stopped believing in daydreams that once had the power of the cross. 


I stopped believing in magic, in being silly and having fun. 


Now I live in a world where, problems are solved with guns. I live in  reality, that sometimes makes me cry. And I cant climb over the sorrow,  cause I forgot how to fly, yeah I forgot how to fly. 


One day I looked up to see, a little boy who looked a lot like me.


Id watch his eyes light up, as I read him bedtime stories, 


Then I would watch him sleep, innocent and without worries.


Id watch him in the backyard, playin out on the grass. First he  was a tornado, then a wizard in a castle of glass. 


I saw him from the kitchen window and a smile crept across my face, 


As I watched him spread his arms, and soar right through space.


I sat down at a table, and I started to crybecause my little boy, had  taught me how to fly.


Yeah I remembered how to fly, A child had taught me to fly, Yeah my boy  taught me to fly.


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