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You And Forever And Me chords - Little Texas

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                Written by Porter Howell & Stewart Harris

G    Cmaj7   G    Cmaj7  D
Verse 1
G                            Cmaj7
Moon is off my shoulder, the sun is in my eyes
G                          Cmaj7           G/B
Almost to my hometown, its just another mile
Am7      G/B              Am7         G/B
Memories surround me, of an ol' familiar time
Am7     G/B          Am7               Am7/D
Life was simple when your love was mine---

               G   Am      Am7/D
There's a cool wind on the desert tonite
      G               Cmaj&        Am7             Am7/D
I can almost see your golden hair, flying in the moonlight
G    Bm          Cmaj7              C#m7
Ooooh-- It was a restless kinda free---
            Am7      Am7/D         G    Cmaj7   G    Cmaj7 D
When it was You and Forever and Me

Verse 2
G                         Cmaj7
I pulled off the highway, your side of town
G                                        Cmaj7               G/B
Make the turn passed the railroad tracks as the sun goes down
Am7            G/B                   Am7         G/B
I remember how you would wait by the front porch light
Am7          G/B         Am7               Am7/D
You were always ready to take a midnite ride---

Repeat Chorus

Em                              A
Sometimes love gets lost and its never found
Am7        G/B           Cmaj7       Am11/D
But I just had to see if your still around-----

Repeat Chorus

G    Bm          Cmaj7              C#m7
Ooooh-- It was a restless kinda free---
            Am7      Am7/D         G    Cmaj7   G    Cmaj7 D  G
When it was You and Forever and Me

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