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Katy Daley chords

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Katy Daley
Lonesome River Band
transcribed by Logan Gibbons

1. With her old man she came from Tiperary
2. Wake up and pay attention Katy Daley
3. So to the jail they took poor Katy Daley

1. In the pioneer days of '42
2. I am the judge that's gonna sentence you
3. And very soon the gates were opened wide

1. Her old man was shot in Tombstone City
2. All the boys in court have drunk the whiskey
3. Angels came to court Katy Daley

1. For the making of his good old mountain dew
2. And tell the truth, I drank a little too
3. And took her far across the Great Divide

G Come on down the mountain, Katy Daley D Come on down the mountain, Katy Do Can't you hear us calling, Katy Daley G We want to drink your good ol' mountain dew